About Nigmaa

Story Behind Nigmaa

Our brand name comes from the Arabic word for star. These heavenly bodies, which cover the sky like brilliant diamonds, symbolize our products’ unique and special quality. They also represent optimism, positivity, inspiration, and imagination, which are embodied by our company.

Who We Are

Seasoned Professionals

Our business was founded by a husband and wife team with more than 45 years of combined experience working with clothing companies. Throughout their careers, they have seen firsthand the amount of wasteful and unhealthy practices in the industry-inspiring them to make a change. 


A Step in the Right Direction

After years of witnessing such waste, our founders focused their efforts on becoming part of the solution. By merging their knowledge and backgrounds, they created Nigmaa’s first capsule collection- unique, high quality, thoughtful pieces designed to become treasured elements of your wardrobe.

Our Sustainability Initiatives 

Less is More- Sustainable Mentality + Design Aesthetic 

Rather than haphazardly add new products to an already flooded market, we focus on clothing essentials designed to last season to season, year to year. Each piece in our carefully curated capsule collection elevates a classic article of clothing while adding our own fingerprint. Our design aesthetic mirrors our environmental mission-to create an impact through minimalism and mindfulness.

Fashion You Can Trust

Our core values include professionalism, integrity, quality and transparency. Because we strive to create fashion that is truly sustainable, we consider every aspect of the process, from farm to factory production to packaging. We know the origin of our fabrics and use trusted connections to source material.